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  • Laboratory equipment’s Services – Design, Industrial Manufacturing, Research, and Testing.
  • A Laboratory equipment’s Design Tailored Around Your Specific Needs.
  • Our vision for your business growth “Ritualistic Continuous Improvement”.

The perfect Laboratory equipment’s design layout combines the right laboratory design standards and requirements, with the best lab equipment available on the market. Whether you need Laboratory equipment’s design services for multiple segments of industries, components /parts selection mechanical design, Electronics control /automation for a Laboratory equipment’s, LuxLighting is here to help you make the most of the services Design, Industrial Manufacturing, Research, and Testing. The turnkey laboratory equipment’s design consultants at LuxLighting, formerly RTC Controller, are with you every step of the way to help you with your lab design plan.

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Markets We Serve

  • Laboratory Equipment’s.
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment.
  • Biomedical Equipment’s.

How are we different?

  • Specification matching.
  • Stock & Doorstep Delivery.
  • Manufacturing Support.
  • End customer support.

Our Strength

  • Proven Control Algorithms by Industry leaders.
  • Highly professional team for manufacturing support.
  • Enable our customer to meet specification for tender, GeM, OEM supply, Export Order.
  • Ready stock for quickest delivery.

Welcome to RTCIN

Laboratory Equipment's Heating and Cooling- Precision and Perfection Uncompromising quality ensures mission-critical application success

Cold Storage Solutions- Ultra low temperature, flexible and adaptable refrigerated solutions

Central Sterile Services Equipment' s (CSSD) -Autoclave and Sterilizer - Design is Important for Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Safety

Clean Room Product Solutions - Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry - Get Started on Your manufacturing Facility With LuxLighting Design Services and best in class product solutions.

Design and manufacturing Assistance: Customized solutions and Imports customized parts, software, sensor and components for laboratory equipment's manufacturing With All Trades.

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